You don’t know how to buy dogecoin in India? Here is the detail.

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Dogecoin is a name in the crypto world that is very famous now these days because it is trending and most people looking to buy dogecoin. However, on this page, I am writing the step-by-step guide to buy dogecoin in India. [toc]

How to start to buy dogecoin in India?

First of all, you must have to collect the documents, then search an crypto exchange to buy/sell dogecoin or trade the dogecoin. Let’s start.

Documents for KYC

To buy Dogecoin in India, you must have to complete your KYC. You must have the PAN card, an address proof (Aadhar number/card would be preferable), nominee details, other basic details like name, gender, phone number, email id, current/permanent address, UPI/IMPS/Bank details, etc, you have to provide to buy and sell dogecoin in India.

Top 5 crypto exchange in India

This is my favorite. I am using it for more than 2 years. And it is really good. Not only the feature but even the owners/admins are also active on the Twitter platform and Telegram to help. Usually, they respond on Twitter in a few minutes. Also, the support system is really good. In two years, I asked for help for one time only and it was a delay because of the server response.

Special/Unique feature – All exchanges are offering a stop-limit feature to save from a heavy loss but the BitBNS offering the ‘bracket order’ feature for both the buy and sell-side. to gain more profit and to save from heavy loss. Even, it goes on the profit side. For the complete details on the bracket order feature of bitbns, read this article here.

Other features – Trading fees are low as in the market, the referral is really good. If you referred someone here so you will get the 50% trading fees to spend by your referrer, lifetime.

I put WazirX on the second number but it comes first in India according to the number of users in India. More than 1 million installs can see on the Google play store of the WazirX Android App and more than 20,000 on the Apple app store.

Other features – It does also offers low trading fees as in the market. WazirX also offering a referral system where anyone can join and can earn the 50 % trading fees spend by the referrer, lifetime.

For Binance – Most of the Indian users are looking to use exchange to trade Dogecoin or other cryptocurrency but let me clear you, WazirX already been owned by Biannce.con so when you will be ready to buy dogecoin or other crypto-currency in India through Binance so it will force you to redirect to WazirX and buy there. After that the crypto currency or dogecoin you can transfer from WazirX to Binance. Instead of that, I would recommend you to stay on WazirX.

4+ million users in India using coinswitch according to the app installs on the Google Play Store. I never used it. You may try and can give a comment below on this article.

Only the 50,000+ installs on the Google App store and a few on the Apple app store. Also, the 50% reviews are negative on Google Play Store for buyUcoin (Note: Sometimes it happens like a user gives a negative rating because it works slow from the banking server rather there is no fault from BuyUcoin). It is still considerable and working well. You may consider it, it’s up to you. However, I would recommend you to BitBNS or WazirX.

Here, I am not going to tell more deeply with all exchanges but my recommendation is for the BitBNS and WazirX. I am using bitBNS personally.


Simply go to the above exchange link and sign up there. Complete your KYC. After the approval of your KYC, you would be ready to start trading of dogecoin in India or simply buy dogecoin in India.

Note: This article is just information. This article does not recommend buying or selling any cryptocurrency. In this article, only information about where to buy dogecoin in India is provided. Keep in mind that this market is very volatile, in which there can be huge profit as well as heavy losses.

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