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@WPAstra – How to create a child theme in 5 minutes in the Astra WordPress theme?

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On this page, I will explain to you how to create a child theme for WP Astra theme using Astra Child Theme Generator.” [toc]

Why do you need a child theme?

You need a child theme because you want to save some codes directly to in functions.php and CSS code to the style sheet. Also, you can change the style sheet as per your need but you must already know about CSS otherwise your website will look different or bad.

Why can not save the codes directly to the WP Astra theme?

You can save and it is not a big task. But one day you will receive an update from the WPAstra theme team and you will update it.


So after the update, you will lose all your installed code/CSS in the Style sheet and funtions.php.

How to create a child theme in 5 minutes in the Astra WordPress theme?

Here, I am showing you some steps in short.

Step 1. Go to the Astra Child Theme Generator.

Step 2. Give a name to your child’s theme and click on advanced (recommended).

Step 3. Just change the Author and Author URI. If you want to change the description, and folder name so you can but I won’t recommend you.

Step 4. If you want to add any screenshots so you can. You can choose any image. Click on “Generate” and save a file to upload on your WordPress blog.

How to upload a child theme to your WordPress blog where the WPAstra theme is already installed?

Install a child theme like the normal theme as you have to go to Appearance then Themes then click on Upload Theme and finally activate that. That’s it!

After installation of the WP Astra child theme, you should not delete the parent WPAstra theme or remove it. Just leave it as it is and update it when an update is available.

Let’s watch a video.


It’s a kind of permanent work in a way by creating a child theme. It may take at least 3/5 minutes to create a child theme, for which I will advise.

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