Add the related post widget in the Astra WordPress theme.

@WPAstra – How to add a related post widget in the WordPress theme?

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In this small article, I will let you know that we can add a related post widget in the WordPress theme, especially in the Astra WordPress theme. It is really to add a related post system in the Astra WordPress theme. We just have to enable it. That’s it!

Let’s see how we can enable it and customize it for a beautiful look.[toc]

An example of the related post is in the Astra WordPress theme.

Enable a related post widget in the Astra WordPress theme with awesome settings.

Step 1 – Go to the WordPress dashboard.

Step 2 – Move the cursor over to the ‘Appearance‘ and click on customize.

Step 3 – Click on Blog and then Single post.

Step 4 – In customize section, scroll down till the end you will see ‘Enable Related Posts‘. You can enable it and the related post based on the category or tag will be showing just before of comments section or just after the content area or the article.

Best settings for related post widget in the Astra WordPress theme.

As with the above settings you have been enabled the related post widget, as I assumed, so now moving further settings to look beautiful, we have to follow the below steps.

Keep in mind, that the customization for the related post widget here we are explaining only for the free version of the Astra WP theme. Let’s continue after step 4.

After step 4, I believe you have enabled the related post widget. Now you will see to set the ‘title’. By default, the title will be ‘Related posts’, but you can rename it as ‘more posts’ or ‘similar posts’ or you can use the word “Article” instead of the “posts” word.

You can set the alignment of the title as your need. By default, it would be the left side but you may change it to the middle or right.

The total number of posts – Simply give the number you want to show the related posts.

Grid column layout – Here, you can change the layout to the grid. By default, it will be simple but you can change it to multi-column.

Post query – It is a very important thing. If you want to show related posts based on the category so choose the category or else choose tag. Even you set the order too. You can order by date, title, post order, random, and comment counts. Also, you can order to change in ascending to descending or the opposite.

Post structure – Featured image, title & post meta will be shown but you can hide it. It is your choice. The same thing for meta where you can show the comments count, category, author name, publish date, and tag.

Post excerpt – If you enable this so it will show 1/2 line from your article, from the start of the article. Even you can set the word count.

Designing – You can change the section title color, section background color, content colors, section title font color, post title font color, meta font, and content font. So on my website, I didn’t change.

It is quite easy to enable the related posts widget in the WordPress Astra theme. Let me know your suggestions or comments.


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