This penny Stock made my money more than 10 times

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We are talking about a penny stock that has made money more than 10 times. If you think that you will invest in the shares of Reliance Industries or Asian Paints and your money will double, then it may happen but it may take 10, 15, or 20 years because these stocks are already in large stocks. And it will take so many years for them to double. But there are a lot of chances in penny stocks that your money will be doubled and that too in a very short time. However, in simple and clear words, I also want to state that penny stocks carry more risk than large-cap stocks. The money can range from double to ten times or even more. But if you invest money in the wrong penny stock, the money can be reduced manifold, which can take years to recover. [toc]

This penny stock made money more than 10 times

We are talking about Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd. This penny stock was listed in the year 2014, whose founder’s name, according to Groww is Mr. Venkata is Revuru. This company was started in the year 1983, according to the official website –

Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd was incorporated on 8 February 1983 under the Companies Act, 1956 under corporate incorporation number L65993WB1983PLC035815 for the purpose of lending and furtherance of funds for machinery, land, building sheds, or such other It was to carry on the business of financing industrial enterprises. Things as payment finance. On 23 May 1983, the object was further amended to allow investing / trading in shares and securities, etc. and carrying on all types of financing business including housing finance. The Commodities clause was further amended in the year 1983 for the manufacture and trade of agro-based products of soil; Tobacco, jute, cotton, textile sugarcane, vegetable products, oilseeds, food grains, etc. The company intended to operate in two segments i.e. NBFC and agro based industry. Although the company is completely focused on NBFC segment and we are registered with RBI, Kolkata as a Non-Banking Financial Company, at present we are mainly focusing on providing various financial solutions.

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Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd Share Price

We are talking about the day of April 11, 2022, so on this day, Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd’s share price was 7 rupees 11 paise. This price may increase or decrease according to the performance of the company.

Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd Share Price on 11th of April in 2022

Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd Promoter Holdings

Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd Promoter Holdings

When I looked on, I found that the holding of its promoters is 74.54 percent (as of 11 April 2022).

If you had invested 1 lakh, you would have earned more than 10 lakhs, that too in 1 year.

On 19 May 2021, the price of this share was only 62 paise or 0.62 rupees and the maximum price had gone up to 9.32 rupees on 11 January 2022, which is the highest price ever. If seen in percentage, then this stock gave a return of about 1400 percent which is very good.

If you had bought 1 lakh shares in this company at 0.62 paise, you would have got 1 lakh 61 thousand shares around. Which if sold for Rs. 9.32 would have fetched about Rs. 15 lakhs almost.

If you put 1 lakh rupees in any large-cap stock, then it would take many years for it to double. That’s why I would ask small investors to invest in penny stocks but the risk is also high, so do it on your own or if you do not have the strength to take the risk, then do not invest.

Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd Owner Name

Mr. Venkata Ramana Revuru is currently the Managing Director.

Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd Wikipedia

Despite searching a lot on Google, the result of this company was found on Wikipedia. This means that the Mangalam Industrial Finance Ltd Wikipedia is not available as of now.

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Note: This article is for information only. This article does not advise buying or selling any shares. Keep in mind that the stock market is full of risks where there can be good gains as well as losses.

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