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Themify Ultra Review 2022, Ultra Basics, Pricing, Coupon, Discount

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Hey you, so you came here to read the Themify Ultra review 2022? Yes? So you are in the right place, here I am writing about the Themify Ultra WordPress theme review. It is updated to the most current versions of WordPress and launched in 2015 and still running successfully on various WordPress blogs or shops.[toc]

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About Themify Ultra theme

The Ultra theme is the most powerful and flexible WordPress theme made by Themify which makes it easy to create beautiful websites or blogs. No coding is needed, no knowledge of editing is required.

The Themify team released it in 2015 and I am writing an article on this in 2022. The Ultra WordPress theme completed 5 years in the industry and the team of Themify released a lot of skins based on category (given below). From these 5 years, you can easily understand how it works and why it is so famous? and why you should buy it?

Themify WordPress theme Ultra features

Latest skins released for Themify Ultra WordPress theme:

It comes with 60+ pre-designed layouts Click here to check out the Themify Ultra theme Skins given below are categories:

  1. Profile – Profile skin launched on 19th June 2020 and it is the latest skin release for the Themify Ultra theme. Click here for a demo.
  2. Yoga – Youga lover can see the demo.
  3. Construction
  4. Restaurant
  5. Fashion
  6. Trainers
  7. Church
  8. Magazine – See the best magazin WordPress blog demo.
  9. Software
  10. Coffee
  11. Lifestyle
  12. Horizontal
  13. eBook
  14. Music
  15. Sushi
  16. Portfolio
  17. Education
  18.  App
  19. Photography
  20. Accountant
  21. Games
  22. Spa
  23. Lawer
  24. eCommerce
  25. Fitness
  26. Wedding
  27. Agency 1, 2 –
  28. Furniture – Are you looking for a furniture website the Themify Ultra WordPress theme is a good option for you. This is the first skin of WordPress theme Ultra released in 2021. Just go with the Themify Ultra WP theme and install the furniture skin. Check out the demo of furniture skin now.
  29. Salon Skin – They release salon skin or templates for our WordPress blog or website for Salon. Yes, if anyone using a website for a salon so they can use this beautiful skin. Check out the demo.

Watch the video given below (redesigned in 2017):-

Themify Ultra theme features

The first thing is 2022 and the Themify Ultra WordPress theme was released in 2015, so a lot of updates have arrived with beautiful skins like a blog, restaurant, training/trainer, shop/eCommerce, yoga, etc. Let’s check below some important Themify ultra features which make it different.

  1. Drag & drop builder – This is the life of any WordPress theme, Yes I am saying any WordPress theme because you can use this builder or plugin not only for the Themify themes however you can use it for other WordPress themes as well with free addons. This drag & drop builder will help you to design pages, building blocks, the Themify ultra one page, etc. It comes together right in front of your eyes with a live preview. Select, drag, and drop, and you have built beautiful pages without any coding!

  • Parallax Scrolling & Responsive – 99% of user of any website use mobile-first to visit/check so your website or blog must be responsive and it is. Themify Ultra WordPress theme comes with Parallax features and who doesn’t know about parallax scrolling so let me clear more on parallax scrolling. It is a special scrolling feature using in website designs where background image moves slower as compared to foreground images.

  • Pre-made Skin & Demos – Ready-made demos will save time. You just need to install a demo and just make a change. I would highly recommend you to watch this 1 minute 19 seconds video.

  • Smart Layout Options – The new WordPress editor gives you to publish content internally in different layouts but the Themify.Me will make it easier. See the below image.
  • Customize Panel – Customize panel designed for the Ultra WordPress theme. It is around a 10-minute video that will help you out to customize your Themify Ultra theme panel.

  • 12 Bonus Addons – In this section, you will get a 12 bonus add-on like (Not explained all the addons)
    1. Progress Bar
    2. Counter
    3. Timeline
    4. Contact
    5. Image pro – Check out this link to get live examples.
    6. Typewriter
    7. Maps pro
    8. Woocommerce – I know WooCommerce is a shop setup plugin over on the website for the physical or digital product but when you get this with Themify theme so with its CSS or style’s which looks weird sometimes. So they already set up for you. You don’t need to do anything. Check out this link.
    9. Pricing table –
    10. Countdown
    11. Slider Pro
    12. Audio
  • Mega Menu
  • Image Filters
  • Portfolio
  • WooCommerce Shop
  • Note:- Some of the addons require the Themify builder. You can use it with the latest version of any Themify theme or the Builder plugin.

    The Themify Page Speed framework has been released.

    In October 2020, Themify launched a page speed framework that will help to increase your website speed.

    Pagespeed Features

    • Lazy Loading
    • Modular Scripts
    • Compiled CSS
    • WebP Image
    • Themify Cache
    • Minified & Gzip Scripts
    • SVG Icons

    WordPress theme Themify Ultra Demo:

    I was seeing the Themify Ultra demo page and I found a lot of demos are available based on the skins, that’s why I am highly recommending you visit the demo page and select your skins as per your need.

    Themify Ultra price, money-back guarantee, and Coupon code

    WordPress themes & Plugins seller Themify Ultra Price

    Themify sells WordPress themes & plugins in 3 sections as Single themes, Master Club, Lifetime Club. Let’s talk below:

    1. Single theme – You can buy any WordPress theme from Themify and you will get one-year support & updates Built-in with the Themify Builder.
    2. Master club – Themify master club offers total WordPress themes with photoshop files,  12 Plugins, 25 Builder addons, and 5 PTB addons. Also, a master club joiner will get new themes, addons & plugins with one year of support & updates.
    3. Lifetime club – Themify lifetime club offers lifetime access to total WordPress themes with photoshop files, 12 Plugins, 25 Builder addons, and 5 PTB addons. Also, a lifetime club joiner will get new themes, addons & plugins with one year support & updates, lifetimes.


    It comes with a lot of benefits as discussed below.

    1. Unlimited sites – All the above plans come for unlimited site options which means you bought a WordPress theme from Themify and you can use it on an unlimited number of domains with one year of support. To get support after one year, renewal would be required.
    2. 30-day money-back – You can ask for a refund within 30 days. even on the 30th day, after purchase.
    3. Updates & Support – You will receive an unlimited number of support and updates during your membership.

    30 Day Money Back

    What Themify’s 30-day money-back guarantee says?

    It says if you don’t like Themify product so simply ask for a refund and they will give you a full refund. It doesn’t matter that you are asking on the 30th day.

    Themify Ultra theme coupon code

    For the Ultra theme, Themify launched a new skin naming as the profile. So the team of Themify offering a 30% discount on everything. This includes all themes, all plugins, and Club memberships including Lifetime.

    What is the Themify Ultra theme coupon code to get a 30% off on all products and memberships?

    As I discussed above, they release the new Themify Ultra theme skin naming as the profile. so the promo code is also “PROFILE“.

    Simply check out the given below link and you will see the coupon directly on top.

    Themify Ultra Tutorial:

    In this section, I am adding a 44-minute long video. With this given below video, you will learn –

    1. How to install the Themify Ultra theme?
    2. How to install the Portfolio Post plugin?
    3. About the Themify Ultra Skin & Demos.
    4. Themify Mega Menu / Ultra Mega Menu
    5. How to add widgets on the menu in the Themify Ultra WordPress theme?
    6. Setting up social links
    7. Theme appearance (site-wide)
    8. Theme appearance (per post/page)
    9. Themify Builder
    10. How to import Builder Layouts
    11. Post/Page layouts (site-wide)
    12. Per post/page layouts
    13. Customization Panel (Themify Options)
    14. Other options on the Customization panel

    Should you buy the Themify Ultra WordPress theme?

    While writing this section I am thinking that should I keep this question in this article? because all the things are given above. Not only this theme you can consider for your new blog, however, but you can also check other Themify WordPress themes on your new blog because of their features.

    The domain is registered 10 years back in 2010 as per the report. Also, you can check live by clicking on this link.

    My recommendations (Themify Ultra Review 2022):

    Themify Ultra WordPress theme is unique and flexible. The only thing which forced me to think about this theme is the price. As compared in the market with other themes it should be a little bit low.

    But if you are planning to buy Ultra theme on any special occasions like Cyber Monday deals, Black Friday, Halloween, etc so you must go with Themify. Recently, in May month a Coupon goes viral and it was MAYLOVE which released on Mother’s Day, and offered 30% off.


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