StormX price updates

The StormX coin increased by 70% in a single day.

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On September 5, the price of the StormX coin increased by 70%. If one lakh had been invested, then in 1 day there would have been a profit of more than 1 lakh 70,000. Well, the market is getting higher everywhere. Whether it is the share market or whether it is the stock market of any other country, the stock market is growing everywhere.[toc]

SromX price updates

What is StormX?

StormX is a revolutionary app and Chrome extension that allows users to earn crypto in multiple ways. Whether you’re shopping, completing tasks, or betting your existing $STMX. They are helping you earn crypto every step of the way.

This digital currency came in the year 2015. Simon Yu is the CEO and co-founder of StormX.

How much would I get if I took 1 lakh rupees in StormX coin?

StormX has shown an increase of 70 percent in just one day, so on this basis, we can say that if we had invested 1 lakh rupees, then 70 thousand rupees would have been earned in just one day.

See the below screenshots and understand. In the first screenshot, we can clearly see that the minimum price was Rs 2 41 paise and it went up to Rs 4 24 paise. In the second screenshot, I have a total of 110 StormX which was bought for around Rs.2. Now if I checked to sell at 4.26, I would have got Rs 467 which is almost more than double as I had taken it long ago.

Where can we buy StormX?

We can use up to 4 exchanges to buy StormsX as it is available on almost all exchanges like Wazirx, BitBNS, Binance, etc. This is an international digital coin that can be bought on the exchange of many countries other than India.

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