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If you had invested 1 lakh rupees in this cryptocurrency, then you would have earned 51 lakhs in 1 year. [SIA Coin]

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Today I am going to tell you about such a cryptocurrency that will make your money 51 times. Believe it or not but cryptocurrency has given a very good return in place of the share market in India. But the point is to understand it. If it is not understood then it is not right, then they keep watching and later express regret, they are not able to tell anyone. There are more than 100 cryptocurrencies all over the world. In which the most popular cryptocurrency is bitcoin. And most people have invested money in this.

So is bitcoin the only crypto coin that gives fame as well as earns money, so the straight answer is ‘no’. The point to be noted is that whether it is the share market or whether the crypto market risk is everywhere and where there is risk there are chances of earning more, but remember that along with earning there are many chances of drowning. That’s the risk. [toc]

Which is the cryptocurrency in which if you had invested 1 lakh rupees, then you would have earned more than 51 lakhs, that too in a year?

Talking about the issue without talking much, then that coin is SIA coin. It may be surprising to hear but it is true. When Corona came in the year 2020, the markets all over the world had fallen and people started withdrawing their money whether it was the share market or crypto market, or forex market. The image given below is taken from whose link is also attached to the image itself.

Look at the image below and understand then understand its calculation below the image, which is very easy to understand.

SIA Coin price graph

As we have seen in the above image, the back of the SIA Coin was only 0.09 rupees on the year 2020, 19th March. But in the year 2021, its maximum price became 4 rupees 64 paise. So let’s say if we had invested 1 lakh rupees on 0.09 rupees, then we would have got 1 crore 10 lakh 8 thousand three hundred thirty-three (1108333) SIA Coin.

Now if we sell these 1 crore 10 lakh 8 thousand three hundred thirty-three (1108333) SIA Coin for 4 rupees 64 paise, we would have got around 51 lakh rupees which seems very easy to get from any cryptocurrency. See both the images below.

Seeing in the above image it is clear that 1108333 SIA Coin which got 1 lakh rupees, after 1 year selling for 4 rupees 64 paise would have fetched more than 51 lakh rupees.

What is SIACoin? Can SIA coin grow in the future?

As we found on the official website of SIACoin, SIA Coin’ is rediscovering SIA cloud storage. Our technology connects users who need file storage, offering underutilized hard drive capacity around the world. Blockchain technology secures their data and enables better economics for users and hosts.’

Sia Blockchain allows this market to run without any middlemen. Sia secures storage transactions with smart contracts, creating a more reliable and affordable offering than traditional cloud providers. No one person or organization can censor or deny access to the data – neither miners, nor developers, nor any government.

‘SIA Coin’ was started in the year 2014 by Nebulous, and the Sia Storage Platform was launched in the year 2015. Based in Boston, Nebulous is funded by Raptor Group, First Star Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, and INBlockchain.

This company was started by David Vorick who is its CEO and co-founder. Also, there are Luke Champine (President and Core Developer) and Eddie Wang (Chairman).

This coin may grow further as it provides a secure storage facility.

Where can I buy SIA coins?

SIA Coin is a more than 5 years old cryptocurrency that can be easily bought in India from BitBNS, WazirX, Binance, CoinSwitch, etc.

Note: This article is for information only. This article does not recommend buying or selling any cryptocurrency. Keep in mind that this market is very volatile, in which there can be huge gains as well as huge losses.

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