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Retainio review by Karthik Ramani 2020 to create viral website, huge traffic

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If you are looking for custom software to create a micro buzz website for viral content, sell products from Amazon, etc? so Karthik Ramani and the team have been launched web or internet cloud-based software naming as Retainio and here I am publishing Retainio review. Let’s talk about more on Retainio like – what is Retainio? features, price, Retainio refund policy, Retainio review, etc.[toc]

What are Retainio, Retainio features, and its use?

What is Retainio?

It is online software that can be useful for you/us to create a miro buzz website like BuzzFeed. It will help you to create or post viral content on your website. Retainio (launched by Karthik Ramani) will help you to create the most engaging content, generate leads, increase the sales, increase the earning on affiliate with Amazon.

Retainio Features

  • Tons of different content creation modules.
  • The ability to embed your Retainio post anywhere online.
  • Integration with WordPress.
  • Integration with Facebook
  • Autoresponder integration.
  • Automatic Amazon affiliate income

Retainio Use

You can use it to:

  • Attract hordes of visitors to your sites
  • Boost your sales
  • Create passive income
  • Flip sites for a lump sum
  • Sell leads from the sites you create
  • – Create a publishing powerhouse that generates thousands

What more you can do with Retainio?

  • Create sites for passive revenue/passive income.
  • Sell leads from the sign-ups you get on your sites
  • Create sites to flip for lump sums
  • Create a content-generating service business.

Let understand by its a demo video (Retainio Demo)

How to create a viral website using Retainio?

In this 11-minute video, You will see how you can create a website.

I’m going to show you how you can create highly engaging and viral affiliate websites with just a few clicks using our
newest software Retainio. So you can see this is the website that we have built using the software and it has got
so many engaging elements.

It has got video, polls, conversation, codes, slideshow, listicles, paragraph, add products, and we have got spin wheel as well.

Basically the idea is that the higher engagement you have got for your user. The more you are going to take action. Whether it could be giving his information that is a new generation for you or else buying the product from you so let’s go ahead and have a look at how you can build highly engaging and viral websites in just a few clicks using Retainio software.

In the dashboard of the Retainio software and we have already created few websites using Retainio. Whenever you are starting your new projects you start with this.

Create new so click on create new and it all starts with creating a new subdomain so here you can choose your subdomain and proceed once that is done you are ready to launch your brand new viral highly engaging affiliate website so let’s start with this one.

Let’s create a website in Doc’s niche

You can add an image from Gallery, Pixel, Pixabay, Giffy, Web. We have using integration as well so just pick the image and let’s start with this one alright then you can pick up your tags, so it could be queued dog queue copy.

You can keep on adding tags like this and system will suggest a few tags later on. Once it pulls relevant tags from all over the web, now you are ready to add elements here on your website, so just click here on start adding items.

Here you can see the entire list of the elements that you can add in your website so you have got videos, you have got polls, you have got conversation, quote, gallery, listicles, swiper, paragraph, products, vertical fit gallery, content extractor, and spin wheel, so we have got so many elements that keep your audience engaged and you know that higher the engagement higher the conversion ratio.

A lot of things have been spoken in this video which you will really like while watching.

Retainio Review

I used Retainio so I can provide Retainio review here. Retainio is web software to create a viral website. With this software, you can create a website /blog/affiliate website or affiliate blog even you can earn money like adding ads like Google Adsense, Taboola, etc. Also, you can add affiliate links to earn money that comes under affiliate marketing.

It is easy to give retainio review because its easy to use. Easy to navigate internally.

Price of Retainio Software & Refund policy.

Retainio Pricing

Below I shared the price list in the image which starts at $27.00. However, you can start with a starter plan also named “starter”. But I will recommend you go or start with Retainio Commercial that will give you extra features at the US $37.00.

The price they decided the US $27.00 to $37.00. It is for the front-end commercial price. Let’s understand more.

  1. Front-end: You will get a bundle of features here like:

    1. One micro buzz site
    2. 1 template,
    3. Video – Find videos by YouTube, Vimeo, or use an embed code.
    4. Polls – Create these to get visitors to interact with your site.
    5. Conversation – simulate a messenger or text style conversation between multiple parties with this option.
    6. Quotes – Search for and include quotes by famous people or you can create your own as well!
    7. Gallery – Allows you to put together multiple slideshows that draw your visitor’s attention in like a moth to a flame.
    8. List – Create more helpful, useful posts that allow you to connect with the reader and offer true value.
    9. Swiper – people are always swiping on their phones and mobile devices. now they’ll be able to do the same with your posts too!
    10. Lead Generation With Autoresponder Integration
    11. Automatic Amazon Affiliate Links for monetization
    12. Share Your Retainio URLs Anywhere
    13. Embed Code To Add In Any Page
    14. Add Your Retainio Posts To Any WordPress Site
    15. Enable Content Locking On Demand
    16. Search Pixabay Youzign, and Giffy Right Within Retainio
    17. Create up to 100 Campaigns
    18. Add up to 10 Facebook pages
    19. Add up to 5 WordPress sites
    20. CName Mapping
    21. Banner Ads
    22. Tracking Code
    23. Author Details
    24. Page Visitor Analytics
    25. 5 DFY Campaigns
  2. Retainio OTO 1 – It is pro (Highly recommended)

    1. Additional 5 Micro Buzz Sites
    2. Additional 3 Templates
    3. Spin Wheel – An amazing way to have visitors interact with your site and get them to opt-in or purchase some of your recommended offers.
    4. Vertical flip
    5. Extract Content from Any URL
    6. Spin Content
    7. Additional 500 Campaigns
    8. Additional 15 FB Pages
    9. Additional 5 WordPress sites
    10. Additional 15 DFY Campaigns
  3. Retainio OTO 2 – It is for Agency.

    1. Additional Micro Buzz Sites – 25 for $97 OR 50 for $147.
    2. Google Analytics
    3. Unlimited Campaigns
    4. Additional FB Pages – 15 for $97 OR 30 for $147.
    5. Additional WordPress sites – 25 for $97 OR 50 for $147
    6. Manage clients – 25 for $97 OR 50 for $147
  4. Retainio OTO 3 – It is a reseller program. You can join their reseller program and you can sell to your customer with your price.

    1. 100 Licenses – $247
    2. 250 Licenses – $497
    3. Sell Retainio commercial and keep 100% profits
    4. Sell Retainio pro and agency at 50% commissions
    5. Email Swipes
    6. Ad Banner
    7. Facebook Ads
    8. Marketing Materials
    9. Get reseller access 30 days after the launch

Retainio Bonus

Bonus 1 & Bonus 2

Social Traffic Plan

Online digital marketing has numerous advantages for your business. Not only is it an economical thanks to increasing awareness about your brand, but the knowledge you post on the web travels fast and has no geographical boundaries.

Learning about the effectively utilize the foremost popular social media platforms is that the initiative of driving more traffic to your site and finding success.

This simple guide will show you what you would like to try to to to spice up your targeted website traffic using social media.

Online Viral Marketing Secrets

The essence of viral marketing is content. In other words, you’ve got to urge viral content, so you’ll pull tons of traffic from many various places.

Most people who try viral marketing are clueless about this. They don’t even know that this niche network already exists.

With this guide, you’re getting to understand the essence of viral marketing and learn to spot the kinds of content that go viral every single day.

Bonus 3 & Bonus 4

The Traffic Handbook – Trying to grow your website traffic can desire fighting blind tons of the time. Without a transparent strategy, your efforts when it involves growing traffic are often sporadic and haphazard.

Great internet marketing is about marrying new strategies (like SEO and social media marketing) with tried and tested principles. meaning understanding what your business is about, who your audience is, and the way to urge them excited.

Traffic Secrets Unleashed – This is a brief training that gets straight to the core and divulges super-effective traffic sources for getting a huge amount of traffic.

You will learn to use the most important, most responsive, supportive, and therefore the best traffic-generating tribe on the web to succeed in your goals!

Bonus 5 & Bonus 6

Web Traffic Excellence – You can have the simplest product or the simplest service within the world but if you’ve got no traffic – it’s all completely worthless.

This 5 – part video course will help new and experienced marketers generate an enormous amount of traffic from five different sources.

Lead Generation On-Demand – It doesn’t matter what quite business you’re in if you aren’t ready to generate new leads and switch them into paying customers, your company will never succeed.

Generating more leads is anything but easy and if you don’t have a solid marketing strategy that will drive more traffic to your website, you’ll never be ready to generate the leads you would like for your business to succeed.

Bonus 7

Image Search Secrets – Google Image Search could also be a huge source of traffic for patrons who may be curious about your products or services.

Over one-third of the location, visitors use Google Image Search. If you are doing it wrong and easily upload a picture onto your website, hoping to urge ranked high on Google Image Search it won’t ve as effective.

Retainio Refund policy

Creators of Retainio offering 30-days refund policy or 30-day money-back guarantee. Simply, After the use of Retainio you can ask for a refund if you are not satisfied. No question will ask you.

Get Retainio at just $34.00/- one-time payment.

Do I have to refund bonuses?

If you asked for a refund so that’s not mean that you will require to refund bonuses as well. You can keep them and can use them continuously as per your need.

Buy Retainio software | Buy Retainio

Buy Retainio software here.

They have 5 plans start with:

  1. Starter – Click here to start with the US $27.00
  2. Commercial – Click here to most recommended by Karthik Ramani @ the US $34.00 to the US $37.00.
  3. Retainio Lite – Click here to buy Retainio Lite.
  4. Retainio Pro – Click here to check out Retainio Pro @ the US $67.00
  5. Retainio Agency – Click here to buy Retainio Agency Lite
  6. Retainio Reseller Licenses Elite – Retainio Reseller Licenses Elite.
Click here to check out the recommending plan which is pro.
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