I want to unblock someone on Facebook. How?

How to unblock someone on Facebook? Two ways.

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Have you blocked someone on Facebook and now struggling to unblock them? Is it the question you are searching on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.?

Yes? so be continue to read this article to understand easily.


How to unblock someone on Facebook?

This is the right page where you can find a solution to unblock someone on Facebook. To block someone on Facebook is not the new feature. The feature was introduced when Facebook launched (might be). At that time it was so easy to unblock someone on Facebook because only a few features were on but now more and more features, and not easy to find anything on Facebook under the settings tab. Now, these days over 90% of users use through Facebook App on a mobile with a small screen and you have to navigate a lot.

Unblocking on mobile/tablet app.

  • Open your Facebook app.
  • Click on the three lines placed on the top right corner.
  • Scroll up the page to reach the end where you will see “Settings & Privacy“. Click on that.
  • Now click for settings.
  • Scroll up the page to the privacy section where you will require to click on blocking.
  • Click on blocking and you will see the name(s), and then unblock option.
  • Click on unblock and you will see a popup with a small message.
  • Understand the message and you can unblock them or can continue to block.

Note: You can only unblock the users on the Facebook app. If you want to unblock something like a Facebook page, a Facebook group, or an app on so you might be required to log in through desktop.

Unblocking on desktop

  • Click on the top right down arrow of Facebook.
  • Select Settings & Privacy, then click Settings.
  • In the left column of your Settings, click Blocking.
  • In the Block Users section, you should see a list of people you’ve blocked.
  • Click Unblock next to the name of the person you want to unblock.
  • Click Confirm to finish unblocking the person.

Note: If you unblock someone, you won’t be able to block them again for a few days.


How to unblock an app which I blocked earlier on the Facebook?

Once you blocked any application on Facebook so it won’t reach you and will not be able to access your personal or public information.

If you blocked mistakenly or deliberately and now want to unblock so follow all the above steps and type an app name which you want to unblock.

How to unblock those users which I blocked earlier to not receive/send any message like, video/text?

As you know if you blocked someone to not receive any unwanted message or video calls so you can block. You can unblock them by following up on the above steps. In case you blocked more users/friends/profile so just start to type and select that one which you want to unblock.

If you are looking to unblock someone to allow to send you a message or video call so you have to go to the messenger by Facebook.

I was fed up with an app that I was receiving invite again and again from my friends so I blocked them. Can I unblock them?

Yes, you can unblock those friends from which you were receiving the app invite. The above steps are required but just scroll more so you will see a particular option to unblock your friend on Facebook [Desktop only].

I blocked a Facebook page earlier. Now I want to unblock it. Will I be able to do that?

Yes you can.

You can unblock any page which you blocked earlier. The all above steps are the same to unblock a Facebook page [Desktop only]. You will see an option after scrolling up the page to get down.

I blocked a group on Facebook and now I want to unblock it. Will I be able to do that?

As you can read above in the image that

If you block a group, you won’t receive any more invitations to join that group.

Follow the above steps to unblock any group which you blocked.

I unblocked a person on Facebook and I am considering blocking him again. Can I do that?

You can block a person that you unblocked. But you have to accept the condition which is a 48-hour wait.


If you unblocked someone and want to block again so you have to wait at least for 48 hours.

I do not want to block my friend on Facebook. Is there any option to restrict them like on Instagram?, Does any option do it on Facebook?

Yes, You can restrict your friends on Facebook. To do this you have to check this article because you may follow a few steps to complete. Check this link to restrict someone on Facebook.


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