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How to stop new comment email from your WordPress blog or a WordPress website?

How to stop emails of new comment from a WordPress blog or a website?

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You are receiving emails regarding new comment on your blog. right?

You are a professional blogger or I should say that you are managing your website, when login your WordPress blog or a WordPress website so it shows the new comments in the recent tab on your dashboard. So I do not think to subscribe to the new comment notification on email. By default, WordPress sends an email to your admin email regarding a new comment. In case, you want to unsubscribe from that email’s so you do not have an option to unsubscribe. Because these settings come under your blog where you can unsubscribe to receive a new comment’s notification email.

Steps to unsubscribe the new comment notification email from your WordPress blog or a WordPress website.

  • Go to your blog or a WordPress website and log in.
  • Go to the settings link and click on the discussion.
  • Uncheck ‘Anyone posts a comment‘ in the ”Email me whenever” section and save it.

Above three steps will allow you to stop the emails for new comment on WordPress blog or a WordPress website.

In case you do not wish any kind of emails to receive in regards to new comment so uncheck ‘A comment is held for moderation’ and you will completely exempt the new comment notification email.

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