Save your precious time from being wasted

How to save your precious time from being wasted?

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Do you think that a lot of your time is wasted daily? Have you ever wondered why your precious time is wasted? Have you ever thought that how to use this valuable time because time does not stop so it cannot be saved but can be used? Simply put, not being able to use valuable time is like wasting time.

So let us know how daily time can be saved and this precious time can be used for the welfare of ourselves and our family.[toc]

Learn to control mobile.

Are you mobile addicted?

There was a time when there used to be a landline, then you had to go to the landline to talk on the phone, whether the phone comes or the phone goes. But in today’s time, if any of our close friends go with us or not, but the phone definitely goes and sometimes even in the bathroom (not everyone goes but many people go.).

Yes, it is hardly surprising to know you, but everyone knows that in today’s time we use most of anything or thing, then it is mobile. In other words, mobile is a separate part of you that you cannot take away from yourself. If I want, I can even write an essay on mobile, but I move ahead while talking about work.

Block mobile notifications.

Most of the mobile notifications are time waste.

Have you ever tried that how much time do we waste every day in seeing unnecessary notifications?

The number of applications we install in mobile, we will give the same amount of time in mobile. Even if that app is not a game. You play the game but the notification comes and often we start playing. When the notification of banking comes, we see it because there can also be notification related to money, but often there will be either a pre-approved loan or promotion which is mostly there. But this should also be stopped because the bank also sends SMS when it is necessary because many people who are poor also they cannot use Android or iPhone, then they get SMS or call. So without talking further about notifications, I will only say that most or 99 percent of all of us get unnecessary notifications in our phones and if we even see them at a glance, then 1 to 2 minutes go by, and all about 10 in 24 hours, if we see such unnecessary notifications, then 10 minutes have been spoiled and if you do not know how much time you will waste by reading the notification of any unnecessary app.

Make a habit of blocking in mobile.

If we get daily unnecessary phone calls like “Are you trading in share market” or “Your credit or debit card rewards points are about to expire” that is fraud. So block such phone calls. Normally our phone number, email id are with many fraudsters who can eat your bank money with just one OTP. Although fraud calls come very rarely, marketing-related calls also come, so if we feel that any marketing call is not going to work for us in the future, then we should block it because it is also a time wastage and mistake. If you go ahead in greed, then a money-wasting scheme can also prove to be hot. So learn to block unknown or fake phone calls on mobile or get used to it.

Install an application in mobile that tells us how much time we spend on the phone and on which app every day?

You will find any such Android and iPhone in the store. However, in all today’s phones, this app is coming pre-installed in the settings. If you install such an app, then we will know for ourselves how much time we waste on the phone every day. This is very important if you do not have this kind of application on your phone then please install it. If you do not have any such setting or app on your phone then go find it on the play store and install it immediately.

Remove social and fake apps.

Believe it or not, Facebook, Instagram, and some such apps flourished due to the ban of Tiktok. All these applications are just trying to waste your precious time. I am not saying this for anyone’s application but it only spoils the time. People leave their sleep at night and spend their time on these apps, due to which they sleep for a long time, damage to the eyes, they have to get up late in the morning. So either stop using these apps or put a limit on yourself that you should not give more than 1 hour in a day.

Stop looking at the status.

Whether it is WhatsApp or Facebook or Instagram, it has become a popular social platform, apart this, YouTube, and other short video apps or platforms are also engaged in showing you the status, you will be surprised to know that what is the time wasted in seeing someone’s status. So let me tell you that more than 100 people’s status come in my WhatsApp, if even 1 status is of 15 seconds, then I spoiled it in 1500 seconds. Meaning that if you see 4 statuses in 1 minute, then it will take 25 minutes to see the status of 100 people in a day.

Say no to statuses

Suppose we don’t see the status of 100 people but 25/30 people will be like you like to see the status, still, it takes some time for you to see status whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, or something else almost the same status again, the precious time taken to see from it, will be called a waste.

What kind of statuses can be redundant?

Many people make their personal accounts as business accounts to promote their business. On which people start posting photos of their products, then such people should be mute immediately, also mute those people who are swearing to post useless status.

We should only see the status of the selected people or special people so that the person in front of us cannot say that we did that on that day, so have you not seen it.

How to avoid seeing useless status?

Learn to mute. On WhatsApp, there is an option to mute, then you can mute all those useless people who either promote their business or post the status which they like themselves and post on the status thinking that We do that other will also like it, but this happens very rarely or is not equal.

Stop standing at the crossroads or nooks.

Similarly, on other platforms, either block the status or simply ignore them yourself and do not open their status.

In the olden times, when there were no clubs or cafes, did people just pass the time by staying at home? People often used to go out of the house and return home in the evening, but when late or late, often the mother or wife or family members would say that they would stand at a crossroads or a nook. So reduce doing this too, it cannot be said to stop because it is necessary to take information about the outside. So please reduce it.

If you come home from school/college or office, then coming home late for 1 or 2 hours every day is also a waste of time. Sometimes it is okay to have fun or do other things, but if we do this or do it every day (women too), then it also happened to waste time in a way. Yes, if office work is done then it goes, but if it happens every day, then the job should be changed and not free work.

Learn to stay away from drugs

This is one of the most useless things. Sometimes you must have read in the newspaper that you have done this or did that in the state of intoxication. Sometimes knocking the car and sometimes fighting unnecessarily with anyone. Although the people who do this are very few, the people who waste time are the most. Most people take drinks considering it as an enjoyment, that too once a month, and after some time several times a month, and some people lose their limits and take drugs when they feel like it.

Say no to drugs

Most of the three things are harmed due to intoxication.

The first disadvantage is that money, now we can say that even if we earn money, we spend it, then there are many ways to enjoy in the world like going for a walk, playing games, outing (without drinks/drugs).

The second loss is that of life, suppose we want to enjoy our life and don’t want to worry about when it will happen, but while taking care of the family, we should keep away from thinking of this meaning. Not only this, it can bother you, due to which you can suffer, then you are not upset.

Third biggest loss – It is natural that you must have understood that if not, then the third biggest loss is time. First wasting time in taking a drink and then wasting time in taking it down. Many people do illegal intoxicants, due to which their lives are in danger as well as there is a fear of legal disputes, if not caught then fine, and if caught, then straight to jail, waste of money separately. So this is also the biggest reason for spoiling the time, which we should ignore in life. This is the worst thing that can prove to be bad for drug addicts.


If seen, mobile is the most time-waster in our daily routine, it is a different part of our body which is always with us. Well, there can be many other reasons for wasting time in life, out of which I have mentioned some above. Tell yourself about yourself through the comment, because of which your capacity is more, on which you also regret.

Believe that what is the harm in doing many things in life, but we start doing them again and again, due to which we become addicted to it, whatever it may be and it only becomes a reason to waste time.

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