How to know if the email sent on Gmail has been read out?

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Email is the most commonly used tool for sending any type of message in digital form. It was invented by Ray Tomlinson in the year 1960.

How to know if the email sent on Gmail has been read out by mailtrack

How to know if email sent on Gmail has been read?

In today’s time, there are all people using email, even those who have less use on computer or mobile. This is very important in today’s time. Through this article, you can know whether your sent email has been read or opened by the receiver.

For this, you need to have a Gmail account. Just as the read option comes on WhatsApp and we know when our message has been read, in the same way, we can find out on Gmail when our email has been read. For this, you have to take the help of MailTrack which is also a free feature. If you want other features as well, then you can also take its premium version or you can upgrade to Mailtrack.

What is mailtrack?

Mailtrack is a tool or extension that you can install in the browser to find out whether your receiver has opened your mail or not. If it is opened, then the time of when it has been opened is also known.

How to Install MailTrack?

You can also track your emails on Gmail by following a few simple steps.

Step 1. Just enter by mailtracking on or directly click on this link (

Step 2. As in the image above, you click on Install for Free.

Step 3. On clicking Install for free, you will be asked to install the extension of Mailtrack, which you can download by clicking on Add to Chrome.

Step 4. After installing the extension a new tab will open where you have to click on Connect with Google (see image below).

how to install mailtrack to track email in Gmail that gets read or not

Step 5. After this, you have to sign in with a Google account and allow Mailtrack.

MailTrack connect with Google

Step 6. After doing this, you will come to Mailtrack’s website where you have to choose the plan. You can install it by clicking on the sign up free and then clicking on Go to Gmail.

MailTrack sign up free

Step 7. When you come to Gmail, it will refresh automatically. If it doesn’t, then you refresh. And enable mailtrack as shown in the image below, which is disabled by default.


Step 8. Now to check, you compose the email, in which you will see Sender notified by MailTrack as per the image below.


Now you mail to anyone and wait for him to open that mail, as soon as he opens the mail, within a few seconds you will get an email from Mailtrack (see image below.).


In the above image, you can see that the mail which I sent was read in just 4 seconds.


Along with this, you have two green right (✔️✔️) signs in it, which is something like this.

Whenever you send mail, you will see a green color right sign and the other right sign will be white or black.

As soon as the mail is read by the recipient, the second write sign also changes to green color. Which will appear in your Gmail as soon as you click on Sent.

Mailtrack also gives you more convenience like tracking mail without a signature but for this, you have to upgrade the plan.

Mailtrack supports Chrome browser as well as Firefox, Safari and Explorer provided your browser should be updated with the latest version. Not only this, but it is also available for Android mobiles.


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