Check Airtel Balance, Net Pack, SMS, Calling, etc.

How to check Airtel balance? Also see data pack, offer, validity information.

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As we know that the Reliance Jio remains number one in India on the basis of most subscribers or users. But Airtel is also slowly adding subscribers. Airtel competed with many companies even before the arrival of Jio and many companies were bought and merged into themselves. In this article, you will know about how to check the balance of Airtel more than Airtel or Reliance Jio. Not only this, I am going to tell how to check Airtel balance offer, or how to check Airtel data. Through this article, I will tell you Airtel balance online and by dialing in two or three ways.[toc]

How to check Airtel balance on mobile?

To check airtel balance on mobile, you can either dial or check Airtel website through mobile browser or computer/laptop browser. Not only this, balance can also be checked through Airtel’s Thanks application, but many other information can also be obtained. So let us understand each point below.

How To Check Airtel Balance By Dial [By Airtel USSD Code]?

Dialing to check the Airtel balance will be perfect as it will not require internet or mobile data. After dialing, we will get the information about the balance, validity and net pack or mobile data of Airtel. So what has to be done for this?

To check airtel balance, we have to dial *123#. By doing this we will see the validity of outgoing, validity of incoming, balance.

How to check airtel net balance or data pack?

Airtel net balance can also be checked by dialing on the mobile. If we do recharge of net pack in Airtel sim, then information about remaining Airtel net pack will also be available. For this we have to dial *123#. Immediately after this, pressing 1 has to be done and click on send.

After this we will get Airtel net pack in 3G/4G.

How to check Airtel offer? Or How to know Airtel balance offer?

For this we have to dial *123#. After that click on 4 and click on send. A few options will appear shortly thereafter.

How to check balance through airtel app?

Airtel’s app is Airtel Thanks – Recharge & UPI, through which we will get information about our Airtel SIM balance, net pack or data pack, SMS, calls etc. Or say that after checking the balance of Airtel, complete information will be received. Not only this, this application will also tell about the old recharge. Or will tell the information about the last recharge done and when.

On this Android app we can register a separate UPI, get recharge done. If you have other Airtel SIM then you can add it by clicking on “Add Account”. There’s a lot more you can do with this app for which you can download and explore it.

How to check mobile balance through Airtel website?

This method is very easy but you should have internet facility on your phone because often we check Airtel data or balance only when the data is exhausted or balance. So for this we have to go to Airtel’s website (

Other important things.

In today’s time, most of the people keep smartphones and recharge also expensive ones because the minimum recharge of airtel comes to around 100 rupees. But there are many people who live in small towns or villages who do not use a smartphone but use a feature phone or a phone with a keypad as a necessity. So the first option, by dialing, would be better. Because whoever does not have the data, he will be able to check airtel balance by dialing.

Along with this, those people who keep smartphones, but sometimes there comes a time when there is no internet pack and there is no WiFi while checking the balance, then even on this condition, by dialing *123#, the balance of Airtel is checked. It is also called USSD Code of Airtel.

One Line Answer (FAQ)

How To Check Airtel Balance By Dial [By Airtel USSD Code]?

Dial *123#.

How to Check Airtel Net Pack?

Dial *123#. After viewing the balance, press 1 and press on send.

What to do to see the old recharge done recently in Airtel?

For this, either download Airtel’s Thanks App and login with OTP or visit Airtel’s website to login through OTP and view old recharge.

How to check Airtel balance offer or net pack offer?

Dial *123# and press 4 to click on send. Or login to the Airtel Thanks app or Airtel’s website and navigate to the information you want.

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