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English to Hindi Typing in MS Word – Hindi Typing Software

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Are you looking to type in Hindi using English Keyboard on MS word? Here, I can tell you in short about English to Hindi Typing in MS Word offline. Hindi typing is not a big thing now these days using an English keyboard. I know, 8 or 10 years before the keyboard was available with Hindi fonts but now, only the English keyboard is available for Hindi typing.

I know many tools are available to type in Hindi but mostly required active high-speed internet. If you are going to use mobile data so it will help you but definitely, the low speed of the internet makes your typing slow. So here, I am going to provide you with a proper solution to type in Hindi using the English keyboard. You won’t need an internet connection, you won’t need to remember the Hindi fonts to type because you will type the English alphabet & characters to type in Hindi.

How to type in Hindi in MS word using English Keyboard?

It is quite easy to do. With a few steps only, you will be typing in Hindi using English Keyboard. No matter what, whether you are using Windows 10 or Windows 11 or Windows 8 or Windows 7. Let’s see below.

Install Hindi font on the computer

Step 1 – Here, I am using windows 10. So go to the settings on your computer or laptop.

Step 2 – Click on Time & Language.

Step 3 – Click on Language.

Step 4 – Click on “Add a language” in the preferred language section.

Step 5Type Hindi and click on install.

Step 6 – Yes, here internet connection may require, and download will take at least a minute.

Step 7 – After installation click on Options.

Step 8 – Click on Add a keyboard.

Step 9 – Click on Hindi Phonetic.

That’s it and you are done.

The installation is completely complete. Now the question is…

How to type Hindi in MS word?

After the completion of installation.

Go to your Microsoft word. It will open a new document.

Click Windows key + space and choose the Hindi language. Remember that, if more than 2 Hindi keyboards are installed so choose ‘Hindi Phonetic’ (as given below image).

Now start typing in Hindi on MS word using the English keyboard.

Last but not least.

Hope this article will definitely help you. After following the above steps, definitely, you won’t need an internet connection to type in Hindi. You won’t require to online to type in Hindi because Google input tools on chrome require an active internet connection. Also, many websites provide free services from English to Hindi typing in MS word or in notepad.


Is any other Hindi Typing Software available for download to type in Hindi?

There is no need to install any other Hindi Typing Software because the above process is enough to type in Hindi. Also, you can use the above process for Telugu Typing, Tamil Typing, Marathi Typing, etc.

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