How to embed videos in WordPress posts and pages?

How to Embed Videos in WordPress Posts & Pages?

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It is quite easy to embed videos in WordPress posts and pages. The way has been gone where we have to edit the HTML in WordPress posts and pages. Now the new WordPress editor has been launched and it is much better than the classic editor because of the features. Now you can do anything, earlier you couldn’t. In this article, you may see two videos that are uploaded manually and added from the drag & drop way.

To create a new post or a page in WordPress you have a block system where you can add a block to add content, video, audio, buttons, images/media, etc and you can customize them as per your need. Now the question is -[toc]

How to embed videos in WordPress posts and pages?

To embed videos in WordPress posts and pages, you have to select that block where your video will come out. For example, if you are embedding a video from YouTube so you should select YouTube block, same for Vimeo VideoPress, DailyMothin, even you can embed a video from TikTok as well.

Let’s see the given below steps.

  • Go to your WordPress post or page.
  • Now choose the location/place where you want to add a video and click on the plus icon (in black color).
  • Type ‘Video’ and select the platform where you want to embed a video from.
  • After selecting a platform you must have a link to embed.
  • Simply, paste the video’s link which you want to add to the WordPress post or page.
  • It will automatically embed your video to WordPress or click on embed, in case not happened automatically.
Embed videos in WordPress

I want to add a video manually which is not on the list of WordPress editor, how can I do that?

To add a video that is not available anywhere or on any platform so you must have to upload that video to your WordPress website. Let’s see how.

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the Media and click on ‘Add new‘.
  • Upload your video and click on that video.
  • You will see the information of your uploaded video.
  • On the right bottom side, you will see an option to ‘copy the file URL‘.
  • Copy the file URL.
  • Now go to the WordPress post or page and click on the plus icon (in the black color).
  • Type ’embed’, select it, and paste your copied URL.

Possibly you will not see your embedded video in the WordPress editor so see in the preview or publish the video and your video will watchable as other watchable videos on YouTube or Vimeo or other platform does.

Drag & Drop

It is a very-very easy method to add a video from your computer or laptop. Simply, select your video from your computer and drag on the WordPress post, and drop. Later on, you can change the place as well.
Embed videos in WordPress by drag & drop

Final words

The only two ways I found that you can use to embed a video on the WordPress post or a page. Still, you are looking for something different which I did not cover so do not hesitate to ask in the comments.

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