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Courserious is an online educational platform, or we can say a marketplace where anyone can launch their own courses worldwide to teach students, housewives, or anyone based on the required skills. As we know 2020 is the worst year of this century. Covid-19 impacted 2020’s globally. It prevented everyone to go to their workplace, schools, college, etc, and forced stay home to learn, works. However, staying home now these pandemic days are very safe. In this article, I am writing about Courserious review and publishing a Courserious review with a video to understand more accurately.

Let’s understand by a simple example, Suppose a yoga teacher wants to teach yoga online so they can use Courserious to launch a yoga course and can sell online. Now the question may come to your mind that you can use YouTube to teach online so let me clear you more about it. Creating and publishing a video course on YouTube is quite easy but will not be able to generate money. To monetize your Yoga channel or videos would be very difficult because you just have to reach a minimum number of subscribers, 1000, also a minimum of 40000 hours of watch time require to active the monetization on youtube which is difficult. If your YouTube channel not following any conditions from both so won’t be able to earn money.

Same for to teach about programming or learn, teach photography or learn, teach body building or learn etc.

Courserious can also help you to sell and buy digital products like ebooks, PDFs, audio/video material, etc? Do teachers and students use If yes, So Courserious will definitely be going to help you out? In this article, I am gonna be share with you detailed information about Courserious and publishing a Courserious review.

In the market a lot’s of products are available. I would highly recommend watching this video before scrolling down the page. The video is created by Courserious’s owner/founder.


How to start with Courserious?

3-simple steps will help you out.

  • Upload or select an already existing course.
  • Set up your course.
  • Publish and start to make a profit.

Watch a demo here.

Courserious Pricing

Watch the above video as demo-cum Courserious review. There are two plans are available which is BASIC and BESTSELLER. I would recommend you to go with BESTSELLER.

Courserious Reviews by Buyers

I found some of the best and latest Courserious Reviews on Courserious website which I am writing here. Please have a look.

I love Courserious. This software really impressed me with its amazing features. The possibilities built into this with DFY courses, course manager, free domains, student panel, and Ticket system is just too great and made it a must-have for everyone. It’s the real deal and I highly recommend it.

by Rick Nguyen

I just looked at Courserious and I have to say that this is a spectacular piece of software! It’s intuitive, very easy to use and in no time you can start selling courses online with it. I also like that it comes preloaded with 100+ DFY courses, using them you can literally grow your business with minimum efforts. If you want to buy any product this month, buy this one!

by Ray Lane

The moment I take a look at Courserious, I knew it would be one of those rare game-changers. With all its advanced features, DFY courses, and functionalities, it literally revolutionizes the way people sell courses online. This is what I like to call “a total no-brainer”. A really well thought out software that I’m SO grateful for!

by Justin Opay

I highly recommend Courserious to say the least after checking out this awesome software. It has a lot of amazing, powerful features inside. The 100+ DFY courses alone are going to save a lot of business owners a lot of time and money! I highly recommend adding this to your arsenal – Even if you are selling courses on third-party platforms pretty comfortably. It’s THAT good and THAT different!

by Luan Henrique Casagrande

Courserious is by far the best eLearning business platform, I have seen and used. First of all, it’s cloud-based, so I don’t have to install or download anything and secondly, it has everything – DFY courses, student panel, Ticket system… What more you can ask for? Hands down, a perfect tool for smart marketers. This truly deserves my best recommendation.

by Saransh Ch

Courserious OTO, Upsells

Front end (FE) – Go with BESTSELLER. Click here to check out.

OTO – 1, OTO – 2, OTO – 3 are available with the names as –

  • Courserious – Elite Edition 1 – Click here to check.
  • Courserious – Elite Edition 2 – Click here to check.
  • Courserious – Membership Option 1 – Click here to check.
  • Courserious – Membership Option 2 – Click here to check.
  • Courserious – Reseller – Click here to check.


Is Courserious platform only for teachers?

No, This platform is for all, like for a student, teacher, housewife, etc. Or I can say for all who have a skill and want to earn money through selling skills on an educational course form.

Who is Courserious for?

Is to create a course and sell worldwide is the only option?

No, You can create your own course and sell online even more than 190+ online courses are available on Courserious which you can select and promote to your audience to earn money.

How much we can earn?

Unlimited, No restrictions. Sell your own course or choose DFY course to sell or promote to earn more money.

Will I need to purchase hosting/storage, domain, SSL, or something else with Courserious?

Of course not, You have to pay onetime money to Courserious to start. You will get an option to create a subdomain with Courserious for example OR where the SSL certificate install automatically so no worries and storage will also by the Courserious.

Will I need to promote my course through an advertisement?

No, you won’t require to promote your course through an ad or in any other way. Instead of that, when you will create a website with Courserious and it will become automatically SEO optimized based on the information, about your course, you provided.

Will video training provided to setup, upload, sell and all?

Yes! Step by step video guidance will be included.

How Courserious different from other platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc., and how Courserious is better than these platforms? (very important question)

We will discuss in a table as a comparison table.

Monthly charges?Only onetime on Courserious.Yes with Udemy, Coursera, etc.
Any commissionOn Courserious, your profit is 100%. No profit-sharing because you paid one time.Yes, when your course sold out so a commission made for these companies like Udemy, Coursera, etc.
Can we create a website?Yes, you will get an option to create a free website where no coding/programming knowledge required.You will not get any website to create. You have to do it by yourself.
Social Media Sharing For 100% FREE Viral TrafficYes with CourseriousNo with other platforms
Which account does payment will receive?YoursMarketplace will receive the payment and they will be given a monthly basis like net30, net45, or whatever they decide.
Can you generate leadYesNo
PricingOne time Price.No price but permanent profit-sharing which is a huge amount.

Is Courserious come up with a refund policy?

Yes! It’s come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If not satisfied with the product so simply ask for a refund.

How much time will it take to get you an earning?

Are you looking to earn from the first day? So the Courserious is not for you, even no single product available for you on this planet. Obviously, If you are investing somewhere so it will take time to get a result or earning. Nobody can start earning from the first day of the setup of Courserious.

Let me clear you more on this. Courserious will definitely give a good result but you must have passions. Let’s see how?,

First, you have to set up your course to sell.
You have to create your own store with Courserious.
Your link will get the index to Google, Bing, and other search engines. Usually, search engines take time at least 2 to 3 weeks.
You have to keep up to date your content and course.

As per my point of view, you should wait at least 2 to 3 months (minimum) to get result. And again, you must have passions.


With Courserious you are getting a lot so 100% I am recommending to try this. The best option is to create your own website with Courserious like and upload your own course. Even you do not have any product or course so simply start to sell listed products on Courserious. Yes you can sell them too. And profit or margin will be yours.

This is a useful product to make money only with a negligible investment.

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