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Complete information on Chai Sutta Bar Franchise. Investment?, Earning?, Apply?

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What is the chai sutta bar franchise? How to apply for chai sutta bar franchise? What is the cost or investment to get a chai sutta bar franchise? What would be the profit or revenue of the chai sutta bar franchise? Here, I will try to answer all the above questions and other questions too.

As we know, now these days business is the best way to earn money instead of a job. No owner/boss, no restrictions, no stupid responsibilities, no sense of pressure, no holiday asking.[toc]

How to request for chai sutta bar franchise?

There are two ways to apply for Chai Sutta Bar Franchise. The first way is that you can apply by visiting the website of Chai Sutta Bar. For this, you have to fill the form on the website of Chai Sutta Bar, in which you can send your name, email, phone number, region or place where you want to open Chai Sutta Bar outlet, state name, and send your message.

Another way is you can directly go to their office and have a conversation about Chai Sutta Bar Franchise at the reception.

What would be the chai sutta bar franchise cost OR chai sutta bar franchise price?

First of all, to open a franchise of any brand, you have to accept their terms and conditions, then fulfill their requirement like the size of the place, how is the place, etc. Not only this, many franchises ask to deposit the security amount, if you do not, then you may not get the license or will not get it. Therefore, the security amount can be from 50 thousand to 50 lakh or more. However, depending on which franchise is being taken, the security amount for getting a franchisee of McDonald’s or KFC can also be in crores of rupees or in million.

So if we talk about Chai Sutta Bar Franchise then it depends. Going to the official website of Chai Sutta Bar, I found that the owners of Chai Sutta Bar offer three types of outlets. The first is Kiosk, the second is Medium and the third is Mega.

Chai Sutta Bar – Types of Outlets

Due to the type of outlets, the investment cost can also be less or more. Same for the security amount. As I have seen in the video of Chai Sutta Bar, it may cost from 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs to take this chai sutta bar franchise. However, an amount can be more or less depending on the place or the terms and conditions.

Chai Sutta Bar net worth OR Chai Sutta Bar turnover

I am following the company owners on YouTube and LinkedIn. Watched many videos that, at present in 2022, the company Chai Sutta Bar is a 100+ crore business selling tea and other foods.

Chai Sutta Bar Wikipedia

Many people search Chai Sutta Bar Wikipedia on Google but the information about Chai Sutta Bar is not available on Wikipedia yet.

Chai Sutta Bar owner name

Although there is a name that is Anubhav Dubey because he is very famous on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram but he is not the only founder he is the co-founder. Anubhav Dubey has two more companions, the name is Anand Nayak and Rahul Gothi.

At how many locations are Chai Sutta Bar located?

They are running with 300+ outlets in India only. And they are expanding their tea business in Canada, Dubai, the UK, the US, etc.

How much money can be earned per month from Chai Sutta Bar Franchise?

Definitely, nobody can commit the exact amount or a figure or a number. But sure, a franchise owner of Chai Sutta Bar can earn almost 1 lakh rupees per month. However, it depends on many factors. It may depend that a franchise owner can earn 1 lakh rupees per month, more or less than 1 lakh.

Tea is the only liquid food that people enjoy every day and it is always in demand and will be forever. The Chai Sutta Bar allows to sell other foods as well along with selling tea.

A picture with a teapot and a kettle.

Some funny facts related to Chai Sutta Bar.

Saw on youtube shorts. In Dubai, someone told Anubhav Dubey that your kulhad tea will not work here. So on this Anubhav Dubey said that we will run. So he again said how will you sell? So Anubhav Dubey asked what is the population of Dubai, then he said 20 lakhs (2 million), then Anubhav laughed and replied that the equal population of Jabalpur.

Some other questions related to chai sutta bar.

According to the name, Sutta means smoking, so, does Chai Sutta Bar offers or allows smoking in their restaurant?

No, they included the ‘sutta‘ word just for fame.

According to the name, does Chai Sutta Bar only offers tea?

No, they offer other foods as well.

Does Chai Sutta Bar offer or sell tea in a cup of paper or in other forms?

No, they serve tea only in Kulhad. A kulhad means a clay cup (You may refer above image to understand better) which can be red or dark brown in color.

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