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Affiliate Talent by Erfan MMS – Increase Revenue from Scratch

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I know, a website owner has a lot of ways to earn money like an advertisement, sponsored articles, product selling, affiliation, or affiliate marketing. Here I am presenting my Affiliate Talent review. It is the best video course designed for newcomers as well for experienced or those who want to increase the revenue in affiliate marketing or want to start affiliate marketing.

Here, on this page, I will try to reply to some questions like, how to increase the revenue with affiliate marketing? How to promote the right product on your website? etc.

About Affiliate Talent Course, Index, Features

Affiliate talent is a video course that has been created by Erfan to teach you about affiliate marketing from scratch. In this course, you will learn a lot of things. Below, I described its product.

Affiliate Talent Front end

Frontend (FE ) Check out the official link

You will purchase only frontend or FE and you will get all below modules in both mode video and text.

  1. Module 1: Introduction To Affiliate Marketing (4-lesson modules)
    1. You will learn about the definition of affiliate marketing, free traffic introduction, paid traffic introduction and Google SEO introduction,
  2. Module 2: What Is The Best Affiliate Product To Promote?
    1. How to choose the right niche?
    2. Find the best product on different platforms like ClickBank, Jvzoo, WarriorPlus, etc.
    3. Use of email marketing and funnels.
    4. How to start the Amazon affiliate program?
  3. Module 3: ​How To Build A Website?
    1. Build a website and set up correctly, step by step process.
    2. Other things like, how to add an article, settings, how to edit an article, how to optimize with general SEO, structure them in the best way, etc.
  4. Module 4: ​​SEO Traffic Full Tutorial
    1. In this module, you will have 8-lessons.
    2. You will get to know how to rank your page?
    3. How to track keywords?
    4. How to increase website speed?
    5. How to use and create backlinks, etc.
  5. Module 5: FREE Traffic Full Tutorial
    • In this module, you will have 6-lessons.
    • How to rank on YouTube?
    • Track all required actions on YouTube.
    • Image guide, make images SEO optimized.


  • Email Marketing & Funnels Full Tutorial – What is email marketing? Here, you will learn all the things about email marketing.
    • You will get to know about email automation and funnels, like creating a landing page, opts-in-page, lead generate.
    • Learn to create a high-quality email sequence, to attract visitors and convert them to customers.

Affiliate Talent Email Marketing Front EndOTO2

  • Paid Traffic Full Tutorial ( All platforms) – ​In this module, you will learn everything ​that you need to know about ​paid traffic which is a fundamental part of your marketing and progress. You will find out all tips and tricks about establishing a high quality paid ad, setting it up appropriately, and finally and more importantly, optimizing it the way which brings massive traffic to your landing page or website.

Affiliate Talent Paid Traffic Tutorial

Affiliate Talent Bonuses:

  1. Bonus 1. List Building Super – Watch These Videos and Learn How Building An Email List Properly Can Net You Easy Triple Digit Paydays!
  2. Bonus 2. Funnel Optimization –
    • What are a profitable sales funnel?
    • How to identify if your sales funnel is working?
    • Different components of the sales funnel where exactly effective sales funnels start.
    • How to optimize your funnel properly and much more!
  3. Bonus 3. ClickBank Marketing Secrets.
    • Understand the importance of digital product affiliate marketing.
    • How to market products the right way.
    • How successful ClickBank marketers play the game.
    • You can begin to understand that you’re going to have to use high-quality content to deliver value to the lives of people you are trying to market to.
    • Learn how winning ClickBank marketers choose niches.

About the Course Teacher, Erfan

Irfan belongs to Iran and an experienced digital marketer (more than 2 years.). He is an online marketer and Forex Trader since 2018 and he earned a decent amount of success in a short period and decided to share his secret method with us to start making money online or even making more progress in your business. Also, he combined social media marketing and dynamic strategy in this course to work with you most effectively!

Contact to Erfan MMS

You can easily contact to Affiliate Talent course teacher, Erfan on Skype. His Skype username is live:erfanmms99. Also you can contact via email which is erfan@affiliate-talent.com

Affiliate Talent Review & Affiliate Talent Comments

It’s just a simple screenshot took from Affiliate Talent’s official website.

Affiliate Talent Review & Comments

Affiliate Talent Price & Money back guarantee and why it is so cheap?

Affiliate Talent Price

You can buy this course in just US $13.95. It is a special price for a moment because the regular price is the US $27.95.

On the price segment, I am highly recommending you to have this course to increase your revenue. Also, you have an option which is to cancel the product if not satisfied, even on the 29th day.

Check out right now!

Money-back guarantee

This product comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. I would highly recommend you to buy this product because you have an option to ask for a refund if not satisfied.

You can start to use it after purchasing it instantly. If you are not reaching your goals using Affiliate Talent product so simply ask for a refund. Even you can ask for a refund on the 30th day as well.

Why Affiliate Talent is so cheap, Affiliate Talent Review?

So simple answer I have on this question. Erfan is an experienced guy in the digital marketing industry, working for 3+ years. Also, he as an individual and covered a lot of topics and kept in a bundle as an index where you can easily navigate. You won’t be required to reach to Erfan, however, he already mentioned his Skype ID for premium support.

How to enroll Affiliate Talent video course?

Follow simple steps and you able to access simply.

Step 1. Go Affiliate Talent and buy the FE (front-end). Click here to buy it!

Step 2. You will get a user-name and password. That’s it!

Affiliate Talent FAQ:

Question 1. Who can buy this course?
Answer 1. Anyone can purchase this course to start an online business.

Question 2. What tools, a gadget I required?
Answer 2. This is a video course so you can see this course on your smartphone as well. However, this course is to increase the revenue in the affiliate marketing (online) so you must have a computer or laptop with a good internet connection. It is for online business so a Laptop/computer with a good speed internet connection is a must.

My recommendation

I am working as an affiliate marketer and I will get a small amount of money, here. This is a video course where Erfan explaining affiliate marketing and covering all the topics. To get the high result you need consistency in your work.

In just US $13.95/-, It is a smart choice. Yes! I can say the smart choice. If you don’t like to course or did not found any increment in your revenue so simply ask for a refund (within 30 days).

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