add a default featured Image or thumbnail in all wordpress posts and pages once

Add a Default featured Image/Thumbnail in All WordPress posts and pages once

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In this post, I will let you know a very simple way to add a default featured image to your WordPress posts and pages at once. I know when we create a post, we create a featured image or thumbnail to our WP blog posts and pages but time is not enough when we create so many posts in a single day. We have to create an image, set dimensions/pixels, write on the image to set a good thumbnail for WordPress posts/pages.

add a default featured Image or thumbnail in all WordPress posts and pages once with sidebar

To set the default featured image in WordPress posts and pages, you must have to install a WordPress plugin. We can also do with codes but it would be a lengthy process, also when you will change your WordPress theme so you will lose. With this WordPress plugin, you will not lose.

Follow the given below steps and you will able to do a few minutes.

  • Log in to your WordPress blog and you will on the dashboard of your WordPress website.
  • Go to the plugin section and click to add new
  • Search as “Display featured image”. You will see a lot of plugins. I would recommend you to install “Display featured image” by Jan Willem Oostendorp or check out this link to reach directly.
  • Install the plugin and activate it.
  • Go to the settings of the plugin or go to the settings and click on Media (Check below image for reference).
  • You can see in the above image, I already selected a default image for all post and pages.

Now you have to create an image which you can select as default featured image and than save it. That’s it! By this plugin all WordPress posts and pages will set a default featured image.

Now you have been set up a default featured image for all existing posts and pages. The plugin will show a default featured image to your WordPress blog posts and pages and if a post or page has not set a featured image.

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