5 Best Websites To Download Copyright Free Images And Videos for commercial use

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Do you run a blog or website? Do you have any YouTube channels where short video clips are often required, then this article is going to be very useful for you. Because the blog owner and the article writer, along with writing the article, need a picture or photo related to the article, for this either they themselves make the image with the help of a software or pull it from somewhere, so that the rule of copyright is also followed. And their work gets done. But this work seems very heavy because for 1 photo we have to go outside or away from our home or workstation. And the biggest thing is that we do not even get the picture we want and it happens very often.

Apart from this, people running YouTube channels also have to add free images and free video clips to their videos, which are very difficult to get. Even if it is available, it has to be bought.

In this article, I am giving information about 5 such websites, with the help of which you can upload a free image on your blog, and the rules of copyright will also be followed easily and your Google Adsense account will also not be banned. Because this website provides royalty-free photos and no credit is required.

5 Awesome Websites to Download Copyright Free Images or Videos

There are many such websites on the Internet that provide the option to download free images for commercial use.


This is one of my favorite free websites to download copyright-free images for commercial use, not only this but also the free video clips or footage are easily available on Pixabay which we can use on the youtube channel or a personal project.

Pixabay FrontPage Screenshot

How to find free images and video clips on Pixabay.

Search anything on Pixabay and use the filters and the photo will come according to you. Not only this but images, videos, music, and sound effects can also be downloaded for free on Pixabay. Transparent photos can also be downloaded using filters which can also be used for commercial use.

However, some photos that contain the logo of a company may be credited for use.


By visiting the website of Pexels, we can read the license and understand that Pexels gives us the option to download photos for free. It also provides videos like Pixabay which can be easily downloaded and used. Like on the YouTube channel or on any of your personal projects.

Pexels FrontPage Screenshot

This website is a website providing free videos, under the license of which we can download and use video clips for commercial use. For which there is no need to give any kind of credit. front page Screenshot

On this website also like Pixabay, we can download sound effects, free music, motion graphics, and footage and use it for commercial use.


Like Pixabay, this is also a very useful website. Here also we can download free photos, for which no credit will be required. But only photos can be downloaded on this website. There is also a filter option in this, which we can choose the photo by applying according to us.

Unsplash FrontPage Screenshot


It’s completely free. From this website, you can download any image which can be used for personal and commercial use. By downloading the photo from Gratisography on our website, we can do it on our website as a logo, book cover, or magazine poster, or can also do it for the featured image.

Gratisography FrontPage Screenshot


This is a public domain from where free photos can be downloaded, for commercial use too. Although I found it a little difficult to find the photo in it because only the photos were coming after searching, there were many photos on the home page of the website, out of which I clicked on one of the photos, then its license was written there.

Freeforcommercialuse FrontPage Screenshot

I have not found any direct license link on this website. But after clicking on the image it was written below. Therefore, we can also consider this website.


Apart from downloading free images and videos/audios, is there a paid version as well?

So the answer is yes. Photos or videos are available for free on the websites mentioned above like Pixabay, Pixels, Unsplash, etc., but there are many websites where we have to pay money like,,,,, etc. are well-known websites. The customers of these companies are also big, such as new channel ones, weed bloggers, or YouTube channel owners.

Is credit required for free photos or videos?

Not! The first thing is that if we are taking any service from any company, or are downloading something from any website, then we must read its policy. Even if you have not read it, then in this article important things have been written about the policy of all free websites, according to which we can download any photo, video, audio, or music from the free website and use it in commercial also for which any There is no need to give any type of credit.

However, I would suggest to you that you must read the policy of the free website in your own way too.

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