18’s share became 1700’s. 2 lakhs became almost 2 crores.

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As we all know that due to the turmoil going on all over the world, the stock market is falling down. But this is for some time because we always have to go ahead, so even if the stock market has gone down, in the coming tomorrow, it has to recover and go up and go even higher. If seen in history also, the stock market has always gone up. So let’s understand this thing with an example. Today I am going to tell you the name of one such stock which has given returns of around 9000 percent.

They say that “the fruit of patience is sweet” is absolutely true. I am talking about L&T shares. Those who had bought 10000 shares on this stock in the beginning, then at present the value of these shares would have been about two crores.

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To get ten thousand shares, 2 people would have had to invest 2 crores today.

Even if we had invested 1 lakh, we would have got about 5200 shares at the rate of Rs 18. If the price of these 5200 shares is seen at Rs 1700, then 88 lakhs is 44 thousand. So in the same way, if you put 2 lakh rupees then you get about 10500 shares, which is seen at 1700 rupees would have been around 1 crore, 76 lakh, 80 thousand.

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Looking at the above image, it can be understood that in just two and a half years this stock has more than doubled the money. If we look at the latest 5 years record, then in the year 2020 on 3rd April the L&T share price is 774.65 and currently, the price of this share is running at Rs 1710. I agree that time was COVID-19 started and the days become worst. As we know, the new begins and the good thing starts, as it happend. So falling or going down is always for short period.

Where can I buy and sell shares?

A Demat account is required to buy/sell shares. And you can start with the broker to open a Demat account. For example, opening an account on the the platform is very easy. You can click here to create an account on Groww App. Keep in mind that by clicking on this link, you can get 100 rupees directly. Not only this, along with buying/selling shares, we can do trading, invest in gold, get fixed deposits. Even the shares of the United States of America can invest in all big companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Apple, etc. That too in a few clicks.

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